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Be Net Positive

It's not enough to do a bit less harm.  We need to do more good.  Business needs to be restorative and regenerative and not profit by taking from "the commons" at a cost to society, the environment and future generations. 

The direction of travel is clear -be a leader, build brand trust and reputation, and enhance business resilience, as well as long term shareholder and stakeholder value.  Build on your values and inspire your staff.

I particularly work with SMEs who want to achieve leadership status / do their best. 

SME in creating a leadership agenda.  100% word of mouth.  

Let me help you with:

  • Becoming a B Corp (Beneficial Corporation)*

  • Developing and achieving a Net Positive business position

  • Carbon footprinting

  • Offsetting strategy

  • Consumer, employee, stakeholder engagement and behaviour change

  • Sustainability strategy

  • Staff training

  • Brand purpose

  • Key customer engagement, complex selling and negotiation support

* Seacourt -achieved Highest ranking B Corp printer or media company in the world, and top 5% on Environment for any B Corp globally.  Also, gained 4th Queen's Award for Sustainable Development.

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